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CMS Too Difficulty for Web Admin Novice

As I was trying to train some people on how to maintain or update their own web sites I found this basic training too consuming and distraction. CMS refers to Content Management System. Depending on the specifications of web site design CMS is built in with the administration access. Some sites are not built in […]

One Web Design Error Makes Business Look Bad

It is frustrating for some visitors to surf impatiently for information about who you are, and what you do – such as there is no such contact information available. I am surprised to find some hundreds of web sites without showing any information about their corporate or company information. They should explain the purpose of […]

Should Mobile Development be considered?

As I am researching whether to add mobile development to my tasks, I understand that it requires a separate web site as designed for mobile phones such as iphone, blackberry and PDAs. I hoped to find something that enables automatically to switch XHMTL to WML forth and back and so it would be sufficient to […]