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Reformation of a New P3 Upgrade

Some people sent me several emails to ask what I had the latest experience with a new P3 upgrade and wanted my input badly. I did not realize after some people read an article. “A Cool Software, Purple P3”, they had looked forward to my response to several follow-up questions. Although I am sincerely honored […]

Déjà vu about PC game, Demigod

As my son begged me to purchase another PC game, I had an instinct about possibly of something in similar to Spore and however, I went along to acquire it for his sake. Guess what?  My instinct was right about déjà vu on installation problem. Demigod is in conjunction with its major game publisher, Stardock. […]

Purchase or Lease Software

The price is ridiculously too high for software like Adobe or Microsoft.  Microsoft offers its products, Standard Visual Studio 2008 at $299 and Professional Visual Studio at $799.  If purchased one of these, the upgrade costs steeply about $199 and $549, respectively. Similar to Adobe, Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 Design Premium software costs $1,799 and for […]