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Topsy-turvydom of CT State Budget Plan

After CT Governor Rell had addressed the CT Budget recommendations I was sure that some people like I became silent and perplexed about her idea of establishing the “Middle” school, reducing 93 agencies, a new concept of regionalism and creation of CT Conservation Corp. First, I would be grateful for the local Channel 3, WFSB […]

New Wave of Video Interpreters

As I was invited to hear about the new videophone, Z  model 150, I had realized that the new model will be perfect for Deaf people who may need interpreters for less than 2 hours or on short notice. The Z model 150 includes phone, speaker and TV screen plus ethernet cable. (See the Z […]

10 Hot Trends for 2009 in the Deaf Community

There are ten top hot issues among the deaf community for the year of 2009 in relating to technology and telecommunication. Ten Digit Numbering: Deaf and hard of hearing people will receive 10 digit numbers from VRS or IP Providers of their choice to make videophone (VP) calls. Thanks to the National Association of the […]