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CM lives in Connecticut, USA as consultant and deaf interpreter.  She supports an idea of Open Source and believes in the philosophy of OPEN INTERNET.  As consultant, she offers some areas of web development including usability and accessibility and consultation on any type of Internet Technologies – web site design and re-design. For the web projects, she accepts the pricing proposal for any type of web development needs for your business or individual.

She is currently a free-lance deaf interpreter. After the completion of the Road-to-Deaf-Interpreting workshop sessions, she had completed the CDI knowledge exam but is currently in progress to take the CDI performance exam this season, Spring 2015.

(note: CDI is an abbrev. for Certified Deaf Interpreter.)


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Dated: July 8, 2009

Spiral Shell Web Founder CM Boryslawskyj: Wednesday’s Woman

Posted by Gayle Kesten
11:08 AM ET | May 27, 2009

Give to get — that was a key takeaway from a panel I attended last week about how small businesses should incorporate social media into their marketing. It’s also a mantra some people follow in their daily lives, with the emphasis on give.

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Dated: May 27, 2009
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