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Who’s calling???

Posted on | April 16, 2015 | 2 Comments

Caller ID indicator displays “Unknown” or “Anonymous” on our videophone screens. What will you do? Answer it? Block it? or ignore it?

Frustrated with too many unknown callers, I will not answer them anymore as I am tired of receiving “recorded” messages, hang ups, uncompleted messages or non-existent messages. Sometimes some unknown callers may be robocalls. Perhaps some clever callers use caller id spoofing by dialing *67 (even on their mobile phones).

Unbelievable I googled caller id tricks. Amazing, it showed thousands and thousands of call id spoofing or tricks. Who knows it could be dangerous? Phone fraud and scam are good example. We are warned not to answer any unknown calls due to the phone fraud and scam alert.

Robocalls should be banned. I had registered almost all of my phone numbers on the National No Call registry. Sometimes I forgot about registering when adding new phone number.  Best suggestion is to register every phone number annually.

I would like to share a short true story about a grandmother and her phone scam.

Last month she received a call to notify that her grandson was in jail and needed a bail. Very strange call, she was surprised that the caller knew very well about her family, well-known connection and even her living residence. It sounded like a silent threat as though she was worried about her grandson being in very serious injury. Scared and nervous, she stepped in the bank until she stopped before the teller when she could not understand why the caller needed $5000 (five thousand dollars in cash).

Suddenly she suspected something was wrong, thanks to her instinct. However she drove to the police station and informed them about the strange call. Good enough the call was scam. The police had tried to call at the given phone number but the number was no longer in service.

Beware the phone scams. As required your calls must be displayed as your name, or your business. Otherwise I will not answer anymore.

Useful Resources:

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  • Edwin Flynn has the same complaints posted on the website and it’s terrible how scam artists seem to find seniors a favorite target. It’s probably because they’re thought to have a lot of money sitting in their bank accounts. However, even those with low income got calls, too, and losing all their life savings left them devastated.

  • cmssw

    Very true. Seniors are not only one favorite target. Unfortunately scam artists take an advantage of people with hearing losses, especially some deaf people with minimal language skills. Several deaf people whom I knew lost their houses, savings and even retirement finances due to scam emails. They are vulnerable and so they trust hearing people blindly and loyalty. Some deaf people believe hearing people are supreme to their world.