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The Odd Couple – EA and XBox Live

Posted on | May 19, 2010 | No Comments

As you are playing any video games owned by EA (Electronic Arts), you would find some hassles whenever facing the strange blockage in PC or XBox.  I had admitted some frustrations with EA and especially XBox whenever any error or blockage arises like any server downtime or no connection.

These errors that won’t allow you to play ahead give me some guesswork because of inadequate explanation relating to why this particular message appears.  Poor Troy, my son was unable to play live on XBox and asked for my help on why the message said, “No EA connection or EA servers are down”.

As I guess it would advise us to sign in and register at EA website, I had registered few times occasionally in hope to clear up the blockage or there was no such information to explain how XBox and EA work together. Even I checked for instructions at XBox website but there was no such information relating to EA.

Imagine that I couldn’t figure why I missed something or overlook some steps in between EA and XBox. However, we decided not to bother with it and forget about XBox Live. After several months later Troy asked me again to look at the same repeated error saying, “No EA connection or EA servers are down”. In my mind it should not happen again because typically some servers sometimes had downtime and would restore to being running again. But this sign obviously appeared that the EA servers remained downtime almost forever.

I had decided to look into this issue by checking the knowledge base, FAQs and forum at both EA and XBox websites but there was nothing that had mentioned about any issue between EA and XBox. I thought it was the odd couple – EA and XBox.  XBox did not mention anything about EA when we could play any video game owned by another company that won’t allow us to play because of proprietary issue. XBox should have to provide some clear instructions about proprietary on video games.

Same with PC, I had difficulty to install some video games although from now on I am familiar with this silly blockage by going around the opposite way to EA web site first and register the game. From EA website by registration I would have to download the software from there instead of installing the purchased diskette.

Not with this case that XBox is different from PC, we use the diskette on XBox console but strangely EA blocks us to play live. I reached EA technical support via Chat Live and learned that EA servers were closed for good and so that means the video game was no good. At the same time I fired away the question to XBox technical support but had been placed on waiting list for their response with ticket id number.

Unbelievably, it is not easy to go out to the store and purchase XBox video game with XBox Live. There is no guarantee when we would like to play live on XBox.  How will we know which video game with XBox Live will work with live servers or out of order? The stores should have to place the notice on any video games with XBox live which they will be no longer available for any such servers . Who will be responsible for this notice?

Beware of all video games with XBox live including EA games, you have to verify that the live servers will be running live as well as currently available with those games or otherwise you may lose some money.

I had informed Troy that with my regret his favorite video game won’t be running live anymore. He was very understanding and said, “Fine, let me play another game rather.”  In my thought I don’t appreciate that both EA and XBox did not provide us any warning yet or unclear error messages.