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One Web Design Error Makes Business Look Bad

Posted on | December 10, 2008 | 1 Comment

It is frustrating for some visitors to surf impatiently for information about who you are, and what you do – such as there is no such contact information available. I am surprised to find some hundreds of web sites without showing any information about their corporate or company information. They should explain the purpose of their web presences, why they are in business, what they want the consumers to look for something in their web sites, and who they are. Don’t forget to include the positions or titles of their businesses.

Unfortunately once the visitor or Internet surfer first looks for “about us” or about the company when arriving at the beginning of the web sites, they are frustrated and tired of wasting their time in searching for the company information. If there is no link to the company information then this company will lose its reputation and business. The users will lost their interests immediately after finding no luck about the corporate information or staff.

Sometimes I visited some web sites that looked very beautiful and artful web design. However it is terribly sad when I noticed lack of information about the company identity, and people. The web sites became losers in spite of great and wonderful web design jobs. Poor information of the company or business is very costly, and definitely makes the business look bad. As you know consumers always are right they never forgot the first impression when meeting salesperson. This applies in similar to the web presence where the visitor visits at the first time and never forgets about its bad web design error.

Especially today we must first know the business before going further by buying or using some products or services because of ongoing turmoils during the Iraq and Afghanistan war; CEO crooks, and instability in the Wall Street. We have to take extremely careful with businesses and so we cannot afford to waste our finances. Our 401 K funds and mutual funds are practically almost wiped out, thanks to the messy Wall Street.

Web designers and business owners, please remember to include some information about what you are, who you are, and what you can do for people to use your products and services. Importantly you need to think about adding a tag line to your logo. Make your web site presence reputable and don’t be afraid to show your business identity.


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    You are absolutely right that every business website should express everything regarding business purpose, products, services in which they are dealing. Contact information is the most important thing for every business either it is small or big. Yes there are a lot of websites live which don't have any information regarding contact which is terrible sad thing for every visitor.