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Reformation of a New P3 Upgrade

Posted on | February 3, 2010 | 12 Comments

Some people sent me several emails to ask what I had the latest experience with a new P3 upgrade and wanted my input badly. I did not realize after some people read an article. “A Cool Software, Purple P3”, they had looked forward to my response to several follow-up questions. Although I am sincerely honored to help answer to their questions, I am experimenting both of two different ways by using Purple P3 software; P3 Netbook and standalone P3 software being installed in my Acer laptop.

First, I would like to compliment Purple Communications for their effort to making their exclusive P3 software much better improved. Naturally, there is always more room to improve this software. As you notice the title of this article saying “reformation”, it is true for this P3 software being “enhanced” by adding some features; light flasher, turn off start P3 during Windows Start-Up and IP configuration. Unfortunately, there is not much improvement but perhaps Purple Communication will consider it in near future.

I love one feature mostly which is Purple Mail but one disadvantage is that it will not work with SVP, Ojo VP or any other software using webcam while it works fine with two devices only, Mobile Videophone (MVP) and P3.

Before upgrading to a new P3, I noticed the difference between P3 Netbook and standalone P3 software. P3 Netbook is quick and easy convenience for automatic update because this software is built in as part of Netbook as not detachable. When you turn on the Netbook, the built in P3 software automatically seeks any upgrade itself. If so, it will automatically update the software to the most current version with no problem.

In case of standalone P3 software, it could seek updates but it would not install automatically due to incompatibility issue. Of course, P3 standalone does not know whom it belongs to as part of hardware and that is why it keeps saying sorry it cannot download upgrades. I had to uninstall it manually because there are some bugs during the Control Panel that would not allow me to uninstall it. To be sure that you delete all files relating to standalone P3 software via START>ACCESSORIES>WINDOWS EXPLORER, you look for the Purple Communication Folder under Program files, delete the files under this folder and then reboot the laptop.

In order to obtain new software, I had visited the Purple P3 web site for downloading new software. No matter, you had tried to delete the files for standalone P3 software, you will see the download dialog that will pop up to show only repair and remove (no install). You need to check repair until you see the complete download.  I was surprised to see the P3 working fine as though it is imperfect download.

For future consideration to greatly improve the P3 software both built in or standalone versions, the wish list is as follows:

  • Full video screen size toggle
  • Minimize the right column for contacts, speed dial and history
  • Change the colors of the screen borders, text, and background for visibility issue
  • Video mail compatibility with other devices such as SVP, Ojo VP or Webcam
  • Ring alerts on computer screen rather than flash lighter (similar to AIM alert)
  • Warning signals for video speed requirement
  • Update or upgrade dialog pop up separate to allow us to decide options such as automatic update, ask before update, no update. (This should apply to the similar install or uninstall button in the dialog.)

I am sure that right now P3 software looks much better than before and works beautifully. Thank God for this new upgrade, I am grateful about the ability to turn off P3 standalone software at Windows Start Up.  I had encouraged both hearing and deaf colleagues to install this software standalone as if we desire to stay in communicate each other for any reason. To my surprise, some of them love it much as I do myself enjoy this P3 very much.


  • cmssw

    I regret that you are not pleased with my blog. I did not say I “evaluate” P3 beta as part of the group and however, I said I am P3 user and have the right to share my first hand experience with other P3 users. If you want me to join to “evaluate” or test the software you have to hire me upon contract negotiation.


  • Purply Yours

    Great review of P3 software! You really explained the boundaries of P3 software clearly. Yes hopefully Purple will add purple mail to P3 from VP-200. Purple mail can be left using VP-200 to MVP only for now.

    Best part is getting purple mail to your handheld device. You can call Purple tech support and ask them how to do that.

    If any of you need direct face to face help from Purple Communications via VP or P3. You can call them direct for remote tech support in installing or upgrade your P3.

    The number is 877-885-3172 *Point to Point Video Only*

  • Midwestern

    P3 sucks – Z4 is much better.

  • P3 User

    You don't really know what you are talking about! You are not even qualified to make some evaluation on P3.

  • Waitingforz4

    You cannot say Z4 is better because it is still in development emphasise STILL because they say it will be ready in December and now we are in February!

  • cmssw

    I would love to experiment z4 – will get back to you on that later. (smile)


  • cmssw

    I don't know what you are trying to say about z4 but I will look forward to trying that later. I enjoy using P3 very much as I love video mail most. '


  • Midwestern

    I have the beta Z4 and it works WAY better than P3. Call and ask to be on the beta list and cross your fingers that they'll give you beta Z4. Just to be clear, I don't work for Z4, I'm just an average guy that happens to have beta Z4.

  • cmssw

    FYI, I tried a few times to ask for z4 beta but did not receive any word yet. I guess to wait until its formal release. Thanks for your suggestion.

  • P3 User

    Z4 better? For your info, I had Z4 installed and tested a few things.

    I can list down all things except for 2.

    Bottom line, Z4 is OK OK. P3 is definitely better.

  • cmssw

    Your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks for sharing.


  • Uninstall Program

    Great product review of P3!