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Demystifying Viera Cast Technology

Posted on | December 7, 2009 | 5 Comments

Of course,  I would imagine like most of you, I was exciting with a new Panasonic Plasma TV and could jump into the world of exploration to find out what the TV technology had offered available features including Viera Cast Technology. Once I had learned that the new Viera Cast requires the Internet connection, I had gone though several failed attempts by making the Internet connection working from the router to TV via the Ethernet cable until I had finally succeeded it by enabling the Viera Cast.

Same with DirecTV movies and TV shows On Demand, it requires the Internet connection to enable on demand through this satellite provider. For your information it was not easy to hook up the TV to the Internet. It took me over almost two months to figure out how it worked through the connection. The Ethernet network connection did not make sense in the beginning and however, I had purchased two network adapters, the wireless Ethernet bridge, two Ethernet cables with CAT6 (rather than CAT5) and one extra wireless router. As you can see a picture of how it looks like there are two types of Ethernet devices that make it working which these are adapter and bridge. These two devices are a must and cannot be excluded. Otherwise the Viera Cast or Video On Demand would not appear.

An illustration of the network infrastructure for connecting from PC to TV is shown below:

Illustration of Internet connection with TV

I bet you would say it is odd to require the adapter and bridge as I had learned that these devices may be primary factors for video and gaming. The Viera Cast screen had been enabled beautifully and displayed with YouTube videos,  PICASA web albums, and the Weather Channel.  There are some problems on Settings as I was unable to set up the user-name and password. Maybe we should wait later for the updates and available addons. There is unfortunately such limit of available features on the Viera Cast.

It is very nice cool feature such as Viera Cast except closed captioning issue.  I am seriously concerned about lack of captioning or subtitle on the Viera Cast technology. As I was able to view several movies and TV shows On Demand most of these shows were not closed captioned. Troubling is that On Demand feature does not mention anything about closed captioning or subtitle.

I hope there will be some improvement as necessary to include an important add-on or feature for captioning or subtitle through the Viera Cast or On Demand. That is a major reason to urge everyone to contact their legislators to fully support H.R. 3101 at the Capital as very important bill for our right to access to the Internet TV.

For information about the Viera Cast, please visit Panasonic Ideas web site.


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