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Purple P3, A Cool Software

Posted on | August 10, 2009 | 8 Comments

As I had dared at my own risk to download P3 onto my Acer laptop, I had enjoyed using it for several weeks but of course I had discovered some errors.

P3 is a free software application to enable video conference and text messaging platform. Purple Communication is selling P3 Netbooks but you would be able to download P3 software from HOVRS web site.  At the same time you need to register your Purple membership at HOVRS and require your user-name and password in order to access to P3.

For more information about P3, please feel free to visit Purple’s Press Release.

After trying P3 to contact several deaf users via SVP, MVP and P3, I found some bug errors and however, I tried to find wiki software but unfortunately there is none. To my surprise, there is no wiki or wiki How web site except Purple P3 Support . (At last I had accidentally stumbled onto the support forum web site but not sure why it is difficult for us to search for this particular site. )

Why not create a simple direct proper link for Purple P3 software like wiki or any of wiki list? This would allow developers and users to share feedback, troubleshooting, and suggestions as well as report error messages.

I am not sure why Purple P3 works only with Windows XP but what about Windows Vista? That is why I had decided to ignore the requirements and gone ahead to download the software. Funny, it also had stated Internet Explorer 7 but I had rather favored Mozilla Firefox. It looks like the requirements need updated although it worked fine for me to download it on the Windows Vista via Mozilla Firefox.

Secondly I was able to call deaf user from P3 to SVP 200 although I had received the call vice-versa.  I had to click on either ACCEPT or REJECT on the dialog box before answering VP call. A minor hassle is that the laptop must be turned on in order to accept incoming calls.

14″ – 17″ screen, large, loaded down with features & power.
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After updating the address book at HOVRS web site I had signed in P3 and noticed the address book being updated accordingly. I can see now that we cannot update the address book on P3 but we go to the HOVRS web site in case for adding or deleting contacts. This is one of several disadvantages. Maybe it is an idea for P3 support group to consider adding this new feature. Or, maybe it works fine on just P3 Netbook.

On P3 there are other features showing Call History and Settings. Call History feature is nice to know whom I made calls in past. When I put the mouse on those calls under the Call History to make calls, an error message had appeared and said:

MAIN_WINDOW#call Webservice(MVP_GetVRSUserRecruit_CallList,…):

execHTTP Request() ->onExeception(): Object required (TypeError, #-2146827864)

I wonder whether it is a bug that may need tweaking or rewriting.  On the  Settings, I am able to reset camera settings but for limited access by adjusting bandwidth speed to check one of three speed levels: 256, 384 or 512 during call time. If wishing to automatically adjust the speed level while its default speed level is 256, I could not reset the bandwidth speed level after or before calling. It is nice although I am able to view the connection dialog box showing transmit (as of uploading), receive (as of downloading), connection type (P2P via H.323), and round-time trip (performance measurement of bandwidth and latency like typically 110 ms of cable).

For example, at my relative’s house I hooked up my laptop via wireless connectivity and initiated a call to SVP 200. Video picture on another call did not run smoothly but choppy and freezing up occasionally but my camera web cam worked very beautifully. It was because of wireless connectivity issue. So I had re-hooked up laptop with Ethernet cable (to the router port hub) and however, both videos on my laptop worked perfect except the caller had claimed that my video was choppy. I believed there was no such feature to tweak two way video conference in one way or round way direct connection.

Concerning about 10-digit numbering, by calling from P3 laptop, strangely IP address had showed up on another caller but did not indicate P3 real number. This is another disadvantage that I have to divulge P3 phone number in advance in case that callers wish to reach me.

This is a cool software, Purple P3 as a popular issue right now. Some people in this community are asking some questions and experimenting their new P3 Netbooks, notebooks or laptops if they would. Of course, there is always room for future improvement. I will definitely bring my laptop for this camping weekend and will experiment some video calls at the campground.


  • Wazzzuuppp
  • Wazzzuuppp

    That link is for firefox on Windowszzz

  • warren smith

    What about the upgrade of p3?

  • cmssw

    Please read a recent article -“Reformation of a New P3 Upgrade” ( I believe it helps answer your question.

  • vh6b79d

    Salut équipes Purple Je suis sourd-muette et bien-aime de P3.
    En France n'existe pas comme chez vous. Merci d'avance.
    Cordialement Mme Anastasia ou Mimimlica/249( oovoo)

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