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Facebook Etiquette Tips

Posted on | August 2, 2009 | No Comments

As you know social media is a collection of online tools to communicate with your group, friends or colleagues, there is a breakdown of the social media as follows:

  • Social Networking sites: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube.
  • Social Bookmarking sites: Delicious, Diigo or StumbleUpon.
  • Social News sites: Digg, Reddit or Fark.

Right now I focus on popular social networking site, FACEBOOK and would like to explain about the rules of etiquette tips. I am sure some people are not aware or not familiar with the etiquette in social networking sites. I don’t blame them but don’t appreciate it when they say something to offend us. They should have to ask us first before next step to say something.

For example, we would want to sell business through social networking sites but depending on where you join. It is ok for you to discuss business via LinkedIn where it is for business networking while it is not proper for Facebook.

Facebook is for friends and colleagues.  I am surprised that some friends via Facebook are very rude to sell their business and I asked them politely not to. They became defensive and stated that it was fine with their friends.  I had changed their status to “limited profile” or “unfriend” status. It would not be a problem if you are uncomfortable with some friends you would do to “unfriend” them.

1st tip: Don’t sell business. Ask politely for permission.

I am not sure whether it is good idea to display photos about your family, children and parties on Facebook.  Friends, please don’t display embarrassing photos about your friends unless you need to ask their permission. The reason is that you have to remember the Internet is “Wild, Wild West”, and too publicity. Everyone across the world would see you and find the pictures very easy target for future possible robbery, invasion, kidnapping, or new crime.

2nd Tip: Be sure your photo albums are restricted. Don’t display children under the age of 18 (minors).

It is understandable for you to inform us where you are doing like saying good morning, going to work, watching sports, or so forth like too personal statements. Be forewarned that some people may stalk you or follow you. They are able to find out where you are doing at work, home or somewhere else. Suppose you announce you are off on vacation and so some people take an advantage of you by breaking in your house and stealing everything.  Who knows you will find your empty house after vacation.

3rd Tip: Don’t broadcast about yourself to the public where, when or what you are doing.

I appreciate it much for some of my friends to add comments to my wall but don’t say anything too personal. For example, when I posted an important news going on here on my wall you said something like how my family was doing. I had to remove it immediately as it was too personal. If you wanted to say something personal then you may shoot me an email rather than the wall post.

4th Tip: Please respect your Facebook friend and send an email if you think it may be personal. Don’t post anything too personal on your friends’ walls.

For joining the group, organization or events, it is great to get together on the Facebook Official page.  It is improper for some groups to join “heavy discussion” or become hot issues. If you like to create group “think tank” discussion then it is the best for you to create the forum on your own website like Yahoo! Groups.  I notice some political groups are the ones to utilize the Facebook page but it is not good idea.

5th Tip: Be sure the Page is for gathering social events and organizations.

Sometimes some of my friends asked me to add their “friends” to my Facebook. I am uncomfortable not because I don’t know them, but my friends had told me to.

6th Tip: Be sure to ask our friends if they know your peers. Don’t force them to add your friends as theirs.

Sometimes I was uneasy when several friends asked me for a “date”. It is ok for them to ask about themselves to introduce as “friends” but please don’t look for a date or single match on Facebook.

7th Tip: Be Friend, don’t look for “love” match on Facebook.

It is terribly unfortunate about some ‘fake” deaf people to ask you to add them as “friends”.   It had happened to me twice when I was puzzled they kept pestering me via Facebook chat like instant messaging platform. I asked in my usual nice way where they came from and how they became deaf. Their replies were not making sense and very fishy. For example she lived in Texas and claimed she attended American School for the Deaf while she couldn’t say her class year or how she became deaf. I knew immediately and had to unfriend her quickly.

8th Tip: Develop your own questions when in doubt. Ask in a nice way if you know her or him.

How do you like friends to say again and again, “Happy Birthday” on your wall? I dread it much but I asked them politely if they like to share birthday greetings and please visit my official page. However they did not follow throughly but several did. I understand that some of them may not know how to do it.

9th Tip: Don’t post “e-birthday greeting bomb” on the wall.

I am relieved when stopping to receive too many applications, causes or any others as forwarding by friends who wanted me to add to my FB like Sea Garden or Texas Hold’em Poker. It is too much hassle to add one by one application.

10th Tip: don’t send any application but keep it to yourself. Share it at minimum level if you like friends to join.

Some people had informed me that they had no time to join Facebook, thought Facebook was bad, and too publicity. That is ok for them not to prefer joining for any reason. I had informed them it was a perfect place for social user interaction and if they like to learn they are welcome to contact me anytime.

11th Tip: Don’t force anyone to join unless they ask for information. Let them know they would control Facebook by accepting or declining anyone into their social groups.  They are partly right about its publicity issue.

I believe strongly that Facebook is an excellent useful tool for us to stay in touch with our own social groups as we have the right to accept or reject anyone. There is nothing wrong if we want to unfriend some people whom we don’t wish them to know about our privacy lives. You need to remember that Facebook is only for friends and family to interact as much as necessary to build up good rapport, spirit of friendship, and the esteem for social life. As long as you would follow the etiquette tips you will live up to your good reputation.