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Blackberry Technical Virtual Seminar

Posted on | December 5, 2008 | No Comments

Last Wednesday, (3/12/2008) I enjoyed visiting the virtual seminar about Blackberry Technical and tried my best to follow through some webcasts, keynote speakers and exhibit hall for emerging and experienced developers. To gain understanding and knowledge of mobile technology, I  had tried to become familiar with some applications in developing and implement applications for blackberry platform.

I was not sure when arriving at the screen for online presentation, both browsers, Firefox and Internet Explorer had crashed. Maybe I thought it was due to too much flash enabled pages that could be one factor. As I realized when the webcast began in five or ten minutes ago I had entered the online seminar platform and ended up by facing the screen saying the “conclusion of the seminar” – it had begun just less than fifteen minutes ago and was supposed to last for an hour. I suspected that the virtual seminar software may contain some bugs or glitches.

As long as I tried my best to assume some bits of information and kept reviewing “Web Development 101 for BlackBerry Smartphones” and some parts of “Developing Web 2.0 applications for BlackBerry: A practical guide” but naturally I had missed most of the agenda due to the browser crash down repeatedly.  One of the interesting subjects I had learned something new about themes and had the opportunity to visit Plazmic. My major concern is OS (operating system) which is called Blackberry Device software – I noticed that upgrading issue looks as if not sailing smoothly – for example, after purchasing Blackberry Curve I discovered my BB (Blackberry) that came with v4.3. I had attempted to upgrade it to v4.5 or the latest v4.7 but I went into the Options and noticed v4.3 still being there, not even changed or upgraded.  Obviously, it is almost impossible to upgrade the OS but strangely I could easily upgrade the Blackberry Desktop Software itself. No matter, I had attempted to sync the BB desktop software to my BB OS but to no luck. Some other applications like email client, Google or others which are in sync are working fine except OS.

Although I am Deaf I had understood the concept based on the virtual seminar including online presentations.  I hoped there was one feature that enables captions or text but that was not in this case. In my personal opinion it was a hit or miss. I guess I have to look for some other resources if available for further reading.