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Mozilla Firefox Ascends to the Top Browser Spot

Posted on | June 10, 2009 | 1 Comment

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Based on browser statistics I had reviewed the history of browsers and discovered that Mozilla Firefox (FF) became currently popular browser this year, 2009. I am not sure whether it would be a leader in the browser market but I believe Internet Explorer continues as the browser leader depending on the demographics. Nice to watch the live graph of browsers at the link

As I believe you have some problems with FF and same as I do, I am trying to figure out why there are some repeated bugs that haven’t been fixed, unusual of Mozilla tech group because they usually repair quicker and respond very well to some bugs respectively.  In this case it has not occurred yet like the following:

  • Crashes
  • Slowest loading speed
  • Loss of bookmarking favorites
  • Too many addons
  • Uninstalling and re-installing
  • Once installing new browser version you need to set up extensions and plug-ins such as flash video, javascript, pdf, etc
  • Missing manage profile tab
  • Lack of  info about ongoing issues relating to the browser version upgrades
  • Log In Access Inflexibility

As you can see the long list of bug problems above, I am more than happy to share some reasons on several on the above list. One major reason is that I want to bring the tab back into the browser menu which is “Manage Profiles” . It would be easier and most convenient for us to secure one of multiple profiles as locked or checked while leaving other multiple profiles unchecked whenever running it. No need for FF repeatedly to ask me which profile before I run it. I would love to see this feature for managing profiles being enhanced. For example I would be able to save bookmarks by logging on the Internet and using profile to carry those over to any of browsers upon my preference. It looks like Diigo as similar as excellent example. It is very useful feature but sometimes awkward for several reasons like highlight, or sending via email that may not work.

I am tired of repeated FF crashes but I did my best to remove some features like Skype based on some suggestions via FF forum. Darnedest, it is no luck in spite of tweaking and removing addons I keep getting crashes and figuring out how to resolve this. Of course, I will report this persisting bug to the Bugzilla.

Regarding the browser extensions, plug-ins and addons, I wish that there are some kind of tips, reviews, or suggestions. For example I am not sure whether it is good idea to apply some of addons or extensions but where is information about important basics in order to make the complete browser package? I had to install some extensions regardless of which as part of basics like PDF, video, or downloading feature. One thing that I dislike from the FF extensions or addons is particularly Adobe as more likely as monopoly of the browser software.  There should be optional features availability like Nitro PDF Professional, OpenPDF, or other types of PDF and so no need to “force” us to install Adobe Reader.

Why not basic extensions with new FF ready before downloading?

As I offer computer troubleshooting job as one of some professional services for my business, Spiral Shell Web, I went out to assist some customers with their computers, desktop and laptop.  I found several customers who are not familiar with FF but they are used to Internet Explorer (IE), thanks to the manufacturers that package IE in every new computer hardware before selling on the market.  I had explained about needing to install basic extensions and addons but unfortunately it is inconvenient and uneasy for them to understand further technical stuff.  Some would say, “forget it, I rather stay with IE” or “My god no way for me to call you all times whenever I find something missing from the browser?”.  This shows some concerns about FF and so I hope Mozilla tech people may consider to load the FF browser with basic extensions before downloading new FF version.

In spite of serious concerns and flaws, FF is becoming our favorite cool browser. Let’s keep watching the live statistics and we believe, of course, that there are always some rooms to improve FF.


  • Bill Creswell

    And now, eclipsed by Chrome…for now.