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Netflix CEO: His Attitude Evokes Wrong Idea of Captioning

Posted on | May 29, 2009 | No Comments

As I happened to read a blog about CEO’s comments at the Annual Shareholder meeting about captioning in response to one shareholder. (“Got Shares?” Blog) I don’t want to repeat this but let you visit there and however, I want you all to go there and share what you think.

I am not sure what the heck CEO and Founder Reed Hastings thought about captioning. Surprisingly he was obviously ignorant because he believed did not provide captioning.  Therefore he did not think Netflix wanted to go further anyway down the road. Reed Hastings, he should’ve checked with before making any comment. does provide some online movies with captioning. Thank you and hope to see more upcoming captioned online movies.

As a matter of fact, I don’t want to be bothered with Netflix, Blockbuster and others like Hollywood. I had encouraged my family and friends not to subscribe to these and any TV providers that offer VOD.  The fees are ridiculously too high as I had noticed they kept increasing fees to $5.99 per rental for one day, as same with DirecTV that offers $4.99 pay-per-view (PPV). I bet that most movies are not captioned no matter you have to  figure out whether it is captioned or not. I dread being one of frustrated people when finding out the movie is non-captioned in spite of what advertising sometimes claims false about available captioning or SDH.  Of course we have to drag ourselves on extra mile by bringing the stinking DVD back to the store for credit or have to argue if the store refuses to yield. This is one of rewinding and replaying our bold actions but unfortunately we have our custom of these, we are being tired of being only ones to fight back –  as we rarely set back and are contented.

Since 1980s I have not been to the movie theaters except ASL films at the deaf clubs. I feel good about it as I don’t support the fat dirty Hollywood cats who make profit. They don’t respect in good moral and show very poor fair governance.

I couldn’t believe some bloggers like “Got Shares?” keep saying “hearing impaired (HI)”.  No, No, No, it is improper wording. It should be changed to D/deaf and hard of hearing.

Come on, some bloggers, you forget about captioning that can benefit everyone, not only deaf and hard of hearing people, especially seniors, children, foreigners who want to improve reading skills and people who prefer non audio.

I am shocked that one blogger had suggested why not hiring people from India to work in the area of captioning. No way! I have high respect for Indian people but they interpret very differently than Americans. Their English grammar sometimes make no sense to some Americans like myself who read some DVDs with subtitled for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH) and don’t understand the whole concept of the movie plot because of wrong side of English interpretation by Indian people. Very poor job and stinky quality of captioning (sic).

Hearing people, please join us to boycott against Netflix, Blockbuster, movie theaters, and especially Hollywood media people. Please don’t subscribe and let’s quit from any subscriptions until they must listen to us by adding more and more captioning. Better make it high quality of captioning or SDH, all online movies be captioned.

I am kindly conservative but we would express our compliments to for its persistance to add captioning and same with Hope to see both wonderful companies to increase online videos with captioning. Thank you, and!