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Closed Captioning Woes

Posted on | May 18, 2009 | 1 Comment

No matter, you and I are not satisfied with almost all TV programmings due to poor quality of Closed Captioning (CC). Poor one gal, she asked whether we had similar cc problem on Medium by NBC. As a matter of fact, I had no problem with Medium episodes and however, it looked like it was a local TV station problem, not national wide.  Besides, she hoped to catch up one episode of Medium at, but she had no luck when we knew that NBC is stubbornly not releasing its ownership of episodes to or cc is not available.  That is frustrating! We sometimes had to miss some or few episodes of our favorite TV programming due to unforeseen conditions.

I like to compliment Communication Services for the Deaf (CSD)  to bring Digital TV web site solely for Deaf and hard of hearing consumers for their great job but they received the grant from FCC and had to do it anyway. Here is the CSD DTV web site.  Please be encouraged to fill out the survey about cc and visit there for more information. One disappointment is that CSD DTV did not provide their videos or link for sharing with other websites, blogs or social networks. They did not endorse this part as very important part for everyone to spread the word as far away as possible across the country. I tried sending this suggestion to them twice but they seemed not to understand or to be uninterested about our suggestions. They should know better to include their video clips at You Tube, Google Video, Vimeo or others whatever they can as many as they should share information.

One guy asked about a converter box as though he has his new HD LCD 55 inch TV and subscribes to the cable provider. He thought he needed it because of DTV urgency but I had advised him not to worry about it as though I advised him to contact CSD DTV for any further help. I believe some deaf people are confused with DTV converter box and DVR/HDVR receiver box.

Will cc work fine with HD TV programming? Strangely cc is noticeably missing, lagging in time and disappearing during HD TV programming series but cc works beautifully on standard TV programming series. What is the difference? Obviously it is due to the conflict between E608 and E708. I am unsure why it had happened often but will there be any excuse for TV stations to get away with poor CC or no CC if broadcasting HD?

Lastly, I am puzzled to learn that some sponsors began dropping out from several TV stations like CBS, NBC and ABC for adding closed captioning on some TV programmings including local news. Is it true about losing sponsors and so we will not be able to watch cc anymore? Several captioners had forewarned us about this possibility.

I will continue sending complaints to FCC about CC and hope so you will join by sending out your complaints.