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Purchase or Lease Software

Posted on | December 2, 2008 | No Comments

The price is ridiculously too high for software like Adobe or Microsoft.  Microsoft offers its products, Standard Visual Studio 2008 at $299 and Professional Visual Studio at $799.  If purchased one of these, the upgrade costs steeply about $199 and $549, respectively. Similar to Adobe, Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 Design Premium software costs $1,799 and for upgrading, the price is $599. As you can see these excessive prices, I am self employed as web developer and may not be able to afford it.

I am trying to look for leasing software as if purchase to own it but unfortunately I don’t find any company to offer this type of buying options. I thought it would be perfect for small business owners like myself and bet some of you agree to this idea.

I am concerned about an issue of product life cycle – software like Adobe and Microsoft may require upgrades due to some unexpected bugs but I don’t see any good value of their products worth my money to spend for my business. Even they did not offer other buying options but only for large corporations and schools. What about small business owners and free lance web developers?  I am frustrated to find any possible buying options but had no success. 

That is one major reason I support Open Source software because of adaptability for upgrades, sufficient and efficient for developing web sites. Web 2.0 is one of excellent economical tools. I would like to see another open source software to replace Adobe and Microsoft products as though I understand Open Office software is an example to replace Microsoft Office.

As long as we continue with Open Source software I hope that Microsoft and Adobe will reconsider about offering some better buying options in order for affordability, feasibility and most importantly adaptability.