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CMS Too Difficulty for Web Admin Novice

Posted on | May 6, 2009 | No Comments

As I was trying to train some people on how to maintain or update their own web sites I found this basic training too consuming and distraction. CMS refers to Content Management System. Depending on the specifications of web site design CMS is built in with the administration access. Some sites are not built in with the administration access but these require FTP access instead. FTP access refers to any type of software, free or cost such as FileZilla.

Some wrong assumptions by some customers are as follows:

  • Web site design is very easy to learn in similar to the usage of email.
  • Web site template is free but very limited and infeasible for any changes to suit own preference.
  • Web site is equivalent to “web page”.
  • Web design could be done by “anyone”.
  • There is no need for web design expertise.
  • Cost for setting up, designing and incorporating a new web site should be lower than $500 or free.
  • Domain name registration is confusing and misunderstanding.
  • Hosting server is not fully understood and unfamiliar.

As you can see more than such claims above, I had received some replies from both new and former customers about my web design business. Sometimes I found their responses offensive and lack of respect for my career. Some had stated that web design was nothing important and not a big deal as they could not realize what takes very tough job to work in the web development. The Internet keeps changing and growing over 400% as though most web designers and developers like myself have the responsibility to know how to stay in practice and keep up with web programming on up-to-date basis.

For example, we have the ability to read and change HTML codes, plus Flash, AJAX, PHP programming or others in order to make a web site look sharp and running properly on the Internet. We should test every browser to enable the web site running smoothly such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. In addition, we are required to verify the layout of web site to suit the monitor screen such as resolution.  There is no limit to go on and further work on just one web site, no matter, what is involved. Sometimes it takes more than two months to complete one web site. If information and layout are provided as ready on hand it may normally take an average of two or four weeks.

Every web site is unique and different, not the same to each other. However, free web template of course looks too similar and commercial.  If preferring a free web template then we have to be careful with its copyright or intellectual property rights.

Sadly, more and more web templates are growing popular on the Internet. I am very concerned about freedom of web artworks and the right to design whatever you like to.  Noticeably the web templates are easy for anyone to steal at no cost, and play smart as if he or she thinks too good as web designer. It is nice to own one web template just not because of free lunch and timing issue but lazy to be creative and have the challenge to create the best web site.

One reason is for CMS as necessary for some people that I offer Joomla, WordPress or Drupal in hope that it is easier for them to access and do whatever they like.  With my regrets my guess is wrong as I had discovered some people who have no computer skills, or unfamiliar with web design they are hesitant to access to the administration or dashboard. They asked for me to help train them as I had some patience and willing to help them until I did not see any further improvement or action they should take on own in next step.

Right now I am not sure how to help them but I begin thinking more likely that the web design is too complicated and high tech today than a few years ago because of fast-paced growth and new web mechansims.