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Déjà vu about PC game, Demigod

Posted on | April 24, 2009 | 1 Comment

As my son begged me to purchase another PC game, I had an instinct about possibly of something in similar to Spore and however, I went along to acquire it for his sake.

Guess what?  My instinct was right about déjà vu on installation problem. Demigod is in conjunction with its major game publisher, Stardock. Same with Spore in conjunction with Electronics Arts (EA).

My son was excited and asked me if he could go ahead to install it by himself. I don’t mind to let him do it but I am concerned about some unforeseen situations that we may never know after trying to install. Somehow one downloading problem had appeared on the screen. Right away, I had to take over and install the CD rom but it would not allow me to proceed through.  The error message kept saying the memory is not sufficient. I was puzzled because of adequate memory space that this PC has about 60 GB.

In my mind I had suspected that something like game publisher prevents us independently to install indirectly or direct the game software without its permission. I had to browse and look for Stardock’s own software called Impulse. Once I found it as part of files on the CD rom I had installed Impulse in first step. As a result it had worked.

Interesting enough, Impulse had directed me toward Stardock’s web site to install Demigod from there, not CD rom. I thought it was pecular and ridiculous for game publisher to control whatever they wish rather than not allowing us to use the CD rom. Then I had typed in serial numbers from CD rom before downloading Demigod software.

Finally it was successful. I am not sure why necessary for any game publisher to control over software. Watch out Spore and Demigod, this method could be misleading and confusing for most of people who are unfamiliar with the computer.

Now my son is enjoying to play Demigod.