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Definitely Lack of Customer Services

Posted on | November 24, 2008 | No Comments

Disappointing at some corporations like HP, Spiegel, Dell and others, I bet most of you felt the same about their terribly poor quality of customer services. Since I bought Dell desktop fancy computer – XPS with four years of warranty I would expect to receive high excellence of its customer services because the price was too costly and expensive. That is unfortunately not true in this case when I was stuck with desktop computer with some startup problems and defective I/O part. I had to spend many and many hours on videophone with the Video Relay Services (VRS) to the Dell infamous “call centers” and had resisted when the representatives preferred to manually access to my desktop computer via the Internet. In spite of a cool neat feature of their accessing to my computer I had been involved in working with them by following their instructions on how to resolve the problems throughout the Internet.

Worst, I had to disassemble the tower by following their instruction through the VRS and did not appreciate their service – the warranty is worthless but ridiculous for them to “force” me to become a technician rather than call for the “qualified” technician on service.  I had asked the representative first about where the call center was. Suppose their call centers were in Philippines or India. I had to hang up on them because it was not worth my time in trying explain in English to them. However, I found that we had our different concepts of English versus American Sign Language (ASL).  When I found the representative lived in Canada I then continued to discuss with them in Canada because they understand better than foreigners.

I believe that HP has the worst customer service today. It was a terribly nightmare that I had ever experienced. HP gave me very difficult time just only to reach a right place but provided me too many runarounds until I ended up with an answer to state that I should visit their web site. I tried to explain that I went that way to visit the web site before but couldn’t find a solution. Imagine that they did not leave their contact information like direct phone number or email address.  I had to surrender my old HP printers with unsolved technical problems. I had reminded myself to promise that I would never purchase any of products from HP.

I enjoyed purchasing some clothes from Spiegel by ordering online. But, but, but… the Spiegel has poor shipping and returns..poor customer service.  After finding some clothes too big, too small or not suited to my taste I had faithfully returned those but never received the word that they had received the returns in time and even did not inform me whether they made some adjustments on my invoice.

Unexpectedly I received a “warning” from World Financial Network National Bank with Spiegel that I did not pay on time. I was dropping my jaws when reading the letter and did not comprehend why they made a threat at first. I tried calling them by the letter with their phone number through VRS. Guess what? They refused flatly my call through VRS. I had tried another phone number from the Spiegel web site but the representative had reassured me that they could contact the World Financial Network National Bank.

After being puzzled that I still had not received the confirmation about the returns and invoice with some adjustments in spite of paying a portion toward my invoice I had called at the same phone number from the Spiegel web site but interesting enough I ended up with a new different phone number as given on their recording machine – that it automatically detected my credit card number after several hours of trying to reach one. I had to hang up and call back with the new given another phone number through VRS.  Unbelievably amazing at what they said on the recording machine, it had announced, “hearing impaired”  – (obviously this label shows apathetic and bad attitude toward deaf people) and next all of sudden it was a busy signal. I had no way as clueless and helpless to reach them – no mailing address, no direct phone number, and no one available to serve us, deaf people.  I decided to pay off the invoice as if shutting the Spiegel up for good. As determined I had promised myself that I will never purchase any from the Spiegel anymore.

Now you can see how I had been frustrated with those companies with the poor customer service. I agreed when someone mentioned about the reality that it is ironically sad for American consumers. It is the lost art of customer services today especially in this 21st century.