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Should Mobile Development be considered?

Posted on | November 24, 2008 | No Comments

As I am researching whether to add mobile development to my tasks, I understand that it requires a separate web site as designed for mobile phones such as iphone, blackberry and PDAs. I hoped to find something that enables automatically to switch XHMTL to WML forth and back and so it would be sufficient to stay on one web site rather than two web sites separately for each XHTML and WML.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any that would work out but it looks like I have to develop two sites for both XHTML and WML, respectively. I will make an attempt to develop WAP/WML on any one of some web sites to see how it will come out – depending on how much time I will spend to focus on first thing like understanding the dynamics of WAP/WML and incorporating one mock up site.

I love this new challenge and of course will post the update about the result of the mock up mobile site.