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SPORE’s Wrong Move by Joining EA

Posted on | February 16, 2009 | No Comments

EA is referring to Electronic Arts, Inc, the world’s largest game publisher while SPORE is an online game software.   As you would say why I am too old to play this online game, it is for my son who loves playing online games. I had installed the SPORE on his computer for him.

First I had learned about requirements for SPORE such as a 128 MB video card in spite of a different brand of existing E Machine Desktop PC’s at least 128 video card. As this game had preferred to support NVidia GE video card,  I had purchased a new video card in order to enable the graphic capability.

First I initially thought it was relatively simple to install the NVidia GE Video driver.  It did not happen in this case although there was unforeseen installation issues due to confusion on certain types of graphic card for E Machine and NVidia driver installation CD ROM that came with Windows O/S being inactive but if required to stay updated, then I had visited the NVidia web site for latest driver download.  After attending several stores, I found out that it was not easy to find a right driver for E Machine, not just because of lack of available drivers but sales people at Circuit City, Staples and Best Buy were not familiar with the upgrades in computer tech.

I was surprised when asking Geek Squad at Best Buy about specific video card for E Machine. I bet you must be surprised too. The guys had admitted that they did not hear such computer brand, E Machine and thought so it was out of date. I thought they were too young to get familiar with computer tech but truly ignorant. They did not know that we bought E Machine almost two years ago. This computer should work fine as long as it would last for three more years.

Thanks to Circuit City, they had suggested the right driver by looking up at the reference . I got an impression by their employees with very good knowledge of computer tech. Sad, the Circuit City is now out of business.

After upgrading the graphics on E Machine, I was ready to install the SPORE software but I had discovered that there were ridiculously steps required to follow by EA’s rigid rules. For example, I had downloaded a separate software for EA’s sake for email, registration and upgrades while at the same time, downloading SPORE software. However, while downloading SPORE I felt like waiting forever until the completion of downloading. I was not sure whether it was a complete download and so had to enter the SPORE game as if walking with blind folded eyes. There were some bugs but presumably the SPORE game was ready for a single player to sign up as screen name. I had accepted this as if it was done as though it was unclear about whether the SPORE had recognized EA as part of its software, vice versa.

Although I am not sure about using EA on my son’s computer, I occassionally check in EA about whether there are any news for updates on SPORE but EA did not say anything relating to the SPORE. I am puzzled why SPORE needs EA because EA did not even mention about any update about SPORE or any latest news about SPORE or any other game software.

My son had bought the new software called “SPORE’s Creepy and Cute Parts Pack” for expanding the SPORE, and of course, wanted me to help install it on his computer. Before I had second thought about about EA’s situation I had decided to go for it.

Guess what? Again I had difficulty to download this new software because of blockage by EA or SPORE. Based on my guesswork, I had to go to EA first and check whether there was any upgrade after had installed the new Creepy and Cute software. It looked like EA finally recognized a new software and had the upgrade instruction to appear on the screen. After removing the Creepy and Cute CD ROM, I had logged in EA screen and it appeared with upgrading to the core SPORE version. It took a long time to finally show the screen saying “in progress” in spite of several attempts to clean out old files and restore more memory space.

Finally the SPORE had arrived with a new message saying about new Creepy and Cute parts being installed and ready to play until I clicked on “ok” button. Then I was confused with an error message appearing to state that the upgrade had been failed. Both messages sent two different stories; one success and another one error.  I was tired of making several attempts by doing this all over again for two straight days.

I believe strongly that SPORE should not rely on EA for upgrading or installation but should use EA for the registration. SPORE should offer its necessary job for downloading and upgrading which it would make downloading progress easier and convenient.