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Joomla – CMS Open Source

Posted on | October 27, 2008 | 1 Comment

Just a brief note to share with you about Joomla upgrade issue. I did not realized that any web site using Joomla software is easily vulnerable for social engineers (or hackers) to attack due to poor security codes. I had to upgrade it to the latest as long as there must be security proof but troubling is that there is no such clear tutorial or easy step for automatic upgrades.

As I understand I have to remove the folders except files before upgrading I had to add each file with one missing index file. Unbelievably it took awfully time consuming and some backaches and headaches to check throughly the files.

I am not sure whether I miss something about the steps in upgrading the site. Please be forewarned that upgrading Joomla is a MUST. Otherwise your site will be lost.


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