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Posted on | January 18, 2009 | 1 Comment

Once I joined in Twitter I became fascinating with how to use it often. By exploring how to update my tweets (definition: “send messages via Twitter”), I discovered some great methods except some not good applications  –

  • TweetDeck via Adobe Air is nice app by showing three columns on desktop about who is following me, who replies, and who sends direct messages.
  • TokBox is unique and neat for some people who prefer chatting via video by using web cam. It is new experience for me but I am concerned about strangers. Once I signed up and hoped to invite friends to join I end up by receiving more than five strangers daily to request if I accept them for live video chat. However I had to block numerous requests as though I was uncomfortable with the unknown people. I think something should resolve this part as it may be frightening for others who unknowingly accept stranger into thier video.
  • Facebook application by Twitter is simple but not working. Sometimes I posted tweets onto Facebook via Twitter but it did not automatically update my twitter except switching to Facebook status. (There is no hyperlink but you can use search engine via Facebook for Twitter app).
  • Yoono is useful only for integrating browser application as RSS type builder like bookmark. I enjoy monitoring by Yoono while surfing the browser and so it includes Twitter.
  • TweetStats is very cool for graphs to help understand trends of my twitter. I love this very much.
  • TwitPic is nice if it works well but it gives some difficulty to upload. It is confusing about how to post pictures from the web, mobile or blog. Unclear information. I will try one more time to experiment this. (Warning: you may find this TwitPic hyperlink running in loops once clicking and it is the server problem.)
  • Digsby is excellent if you want to integrate IM (AIM, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, Google Talk) plus Email plus Social Network (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn) into one builder. I had used this and like it very much. It is convenient and easy to access.
  • Sprout is neat to create several own boxes by embedding web content. For experiment, I made one box by including my tweets but my concern is about payment fee that Sprout considers not to offer for free anymore. I may think about removing it if asked to pay monthly fee. I don’t agree with Sprout for the decision.
  • HappyTweets is puzzling. I had 499 yesterday and 490 today, but not sure why the count had declined. It doesn’t explain how to measure happiness, what it counts based, and information about the range of happiness figures. I assume that it is silly and worthless to apply it.
  • WP-to-Twitter Plugin is poor and not working. I tried to force tweets through my blog but it looked not right. Once I had minor problem I lost my interest quick and discarded this plugin. Waste of time. I did not want to spend more time in figuring out how to resolve this.
  • Twitter Tools are for wordpress but it is very awkward to configure it. After uploading this via widget I found the format showed jerky and not right. I decided to forget it.

As you can see above applications I am enjoying to work around with tweets through the web, blog and social networks. I found twitter as very useful and excellent to communicate quickly and easily with friends and colleagues. It is as if making “shortcut” our communication across the Internet, no need to wait for some time. Twitter seems like light-year speed of communication. Technorati Tags: , , ,


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