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Capitalism Fallible??

Posted on | October 10, 2008 | No Comments

The DOW keeps falling for seven sessions…and same with the international stocks. Capitalism may be outdated and out of control. Should we allow the government to take over capitalism but it sounds like socialism. It looks like we need to be creative and maybe we should revolutionize an idea of new type rather than Capitalism.

Of course it is scary to watch helplessly at the DOW stocks continuing to “hyper decline” but based on information I learned that we should give it some time to settle down to the bottom line and may revive upward. I am not sure whether this may be a case. I am very disappointed in some corporations and especially CEOs and the board rooms for their poorly accountability and lack of moral, respect and loyal to the Americans. They are copycats of the Great Depression and very apathetic to the USA. They should be traitors by breaking the ethics and rules of management. Even in the worst cases they pocket billions of money just for themselves and their own interests, not for the sake of the country and Americans.

They should unquestionably be jailed for life sentence due to treason due to the sad fact that they succeeded to collapse the fundamental of economics and definitely smash the beliefs of a true free country.

I am not comfortable to see the government to put its hand into the economy as if it is socialism and possibly too much paternalistic.

Guess that it is only one venue for us to wait and bite our fingernails in hope that DOW will turn around and increase upward soon.