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Distortion of HDMI’s Role with CC

There is confusion when some people found no closed captioning (CC) appearing on their HDTV and agreed that HDMI was a factor to cause problematic.  Wait a minute; it is not HDMI. Perhaps cable or satellite provider should provide set top boxes, receiver boxes or tuners. Or, perhaps you did not set up right with […]

Netflix CEO: His Attitude Evokes Wrong Idea of Captioning

As I happened to read a blog about CEO’s comments at the Annual Shareholder meeting about captioning in response to one shareholder. (“Got Shares?” Blog) I don’t want to repeat this but let you visit there and however, I want you all to go there and share what you think. I am not sure what […]

Closed Captioning Woes

No matter, you and I are not satisfied with almost all TV programmings due to poor quality of Closed Captioning (CC). Poor one gal, she asked whether we had similar cc problem on Medium by NBC. As a matter of fact, I had no problem with Medium episodes and however, it looked like it was […]

Drawbacks of Closed Captioning

Digital TV Transition is drawing near June 12, 2009. All TV stations across the USA will completely switch to digital signal. Goodbye, Old Good Analog TV. Americans had enjoyed watching analog TV since first public TV in 1939 and even did not pay or subscribe to any TV service by using a simple old fashioned […]