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Bummer, No Success After WP 2.8 Upgrade

Last night I had dared to apply the WP plugin, WordPress Automatic Upgrade and hoped that it may work once I upgraded WP from version 2.7.1 to 2.8. To my surprise, I had faced the blank white screen page except one error saying, “Warning: require_once(ABSPATHwp-admin/includes/dashboard.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory […]

Mozilla Firefox Ascends to the Top Browser Spot

Based on browser statistics I had reviewed the history of browsers and discovered that Mozilla Firefox (FF) became currently popular browser this year, 2009. I am not sure whether it would be a leader in the browser market but I believe Internet Explorer continues as the browser leader depending on the demographics. Nice to watch […]

Confusion with How to Use WPAU Plugin

Unbelievably, I had figured out what was wrong with WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin (WPAU).  Arriving at my dashboard, I had noticed the alert saying “WP 2.7.1 upgrade”.  Then I first applied WPAU 1.2 in hoping that it automatically upgraded my SSW Blog. Regardless of several attempts to use WPAU, I had found some error messages […]

Purchase or Lease Software

The price is ridiculously too high for software like Adobe or Microsoft.  Microsoft offers its products, Standard Visual Studio 2008 at $299 and Professional Visual Studio at $799.  If purchased one of these, the upgrade costs steeply about $199 and $549, respectively. Similar to Adobe, Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 Design Premium software costs $1,799 and for […]

Tip for updating Joomla!

I was grateful for the extension available for updating Joomla as required occassionally. It is called, ” Joomla Magic Updater” – at the Joomla! organization website.  I understand that there will be the updater module as a must for upcoming new version 1.6. Please be encouraged to use the Joomla Magic Updater. It is a time saver […]

Joomla – CMS Open Source

Just a brief note to share with you about Joomla upgrade issue. I did not realized that any web site using Joomla software is easily vulnerable for social engineers (or hackers) to attack due to poor security codes. I had to upgrade it to the latest as long as there must be security proof but […]