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Who’s calling???

Caller ID indicator displays “Unknown” or “Anonymous” on our videophone screens. What will you do? Answer it? Block it? or ignore it? Frustrated with too many unknown callers, I will not answer them anymore as I am tired of receiving “recorded” messages, hang ups, uncompleted messages or non-existent messages. Sometimes some unknown callers may be […]

Reformation of a New P3 Upgrade

Some people sent me several emails to ask what I had the latest experience with a new P3 upgrade and wanted my input badly. I did not realize after some people read an article. “A Cool Software, Purple P3”, they had looked forward to my response to several follow-up questions. Although I am sincerely honored […]

Purple P3, A Cool Software

As I had dared at my own risk to download P3 onto my Acer laptop, I had enjoyed using it for several weeks but of course I had discovered some errors. P3 is a free software application to enable video conference and text messaging platform. Purple Communication is selling P3 Netbooks but you would be […]

Kick out TTY, Bring in VP

As I am writing this blog about TTY,  I had finally made a decision to let TTY go. Last Friday I brought an old TTY machine back to the Converse Communication Center (CCC) office where Deaf and hard of hearing CT residents receive TTY machines or Captels on loan under TTY distribution program. I felt […]

New Wave of Video Interpreters

As I was invited to hear about the new videophone, Z  model 150, I had realized that the new model will be perfect for Deaf people who may need interpreters for less than 2 hours or on short notice. The Z model 150 includes phone, speaker and TV screen plus ethernet cable. (See the Z […]

Multiple Videophones VS Routers

For a pretty long time I had been using Sorensen VP 100 and VP 200 which required Dlink wireless router (DI-524). Until I had received another videophone device, Ojo 900 I had figured out how to resolve router issue in reference with the print server. Dlink router is fine but does not send enough signals […]

Confusion of 10-digit Numbers for Videophone

Since we listened to some representatives from VRS providers; Sorenson VRS, Sprint Relay, CSDVRS and Purple (alias HandsOn VRS), unfortunately we had received more questions than answers relating to 10-digit numbers (alias TN) or the representatives call it as Local Numbers (LN). Originally we thought we could acquire new TN or LN from one of […]