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Purple P3, A Cool Software

As I had dared at my own risk to download P3 onto my Acer laptop, I had enjoyed using it for several weeks but of course I had discovered some errors. P3 is a free software application to enable video conference and text messaging platform. Purple Communication is selling P3 Netbooks but you would be […]

Mozilla Firefox Ascends to the Top Browser Spot

Based on browser statistics I had reviewed the history of browsers and discovered that Mozilla Firefox (FF) became currently popular browser this year, 2009. I am not sure whether it would be a leader in the browser market but I believe Internet Explorer continues as the browser leader depending on the demographics. Nice to watch […]

Déjà vu about PC game, Demigod

As my son begged me to purchase another PC game, I had an instinct about possibly of something in similar to Spore and however, I went along to acquire it for his sake. Guess what?  My instinct was right about déjà vu on installation problem. Demigod is in conjunction with its major game publisher, Stardock. […]

SPORE’s Wrong Move by Joining EA

EA is referring to Electronic Arts, Inc, the world’s largest game publisher while SPORE is an online game software.   As you would say why I am too old to play this online game, it is for my son who loves playing online games. I had installed the SPORE on his computer for him. First […]