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Wisconsin’s Misstep of Passing State Law for Cochlear Implants

As I had learned with dread feeling that Wisconsin had recently passed the bill proposal, Senate Bill 27 to require health insurers that cover hearing aids and cochlear implants for persons under 18 years of age, I bet that Wisconsin State Government made a fatal mistake to pioneer this unethical law. It is very dangerous […]

Scribe Is Incredible!

I am experimenting to write this blog via remote PC since I will be on road often than usual in the year of 2009. I tried several software that would enable me to access to my PC at home based office via remote PC. Some are okay but several ones are cool and great like […]

10 Hot Trends for 2009 in the Deaf Community

There are ten top hot issues among the deaf community for the year of 2009 in relating to technology and telecommunication. Ten Digit Numbering: Deaf and hard of hearing people will receive 10 digit numbers from VRS or IP Providers of their choice to make videophone (VP) calls. Thanks to the National Association of the […]

Definitely Lack of Customer Services

Disappointing at some corporations like HP, Spiegel, Dell and others, I bet most of you felt the same about their terribly poor quality of customer services. Since I bought Dell desktop fancy computer – XPS with four years of warranty I would expect to receive high excellence of its customer services because the price was too costly and expensive. […]

Just a blog to share..

This is CM’s blog for her business and personal purposes. Just want to share various subjects.  This is open to everyone who wishes to share with CM. Please be polite, respectful and be careful of what you write here – you remember this blog is open to public. CM reserves her right to decline or […]