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Tech Stories of the Decade (2000-09)

Unbelievable, there are some tech stories in the decade of 2000 to 2009 that we are grateful for technologies to greatly improve our lives. Before we enter the next new decade of 2010, we look ahead to an exciting new or much enhanced technology. Although I had reviewed emerging and existing technologies in my writings, some […]

Disappointments of Techs 2009

As 2009 nears the end of the year, we had some good and bad experiences with some techs in the Deaf and hard of hearing communities. As we could remember very well about the early years of TTY that had greatly influenced our lives, TTY will eventually be no longer in existence except in some […]

Demystifying Viera Cast Technology

Of course,  I would imagine like most of you, I was exciting with a new Panasonic Plasma TV and could jump into the world of exploration to find out what the TV technology had offered available features including Viera Cast Technology. Once I had learned that the new Viera Cast requires the Internet connection, I […]