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Broadband Plan Propaganda – Good or Bad?

As I hoped some of you had the chance to watch some webcasts or read some documents as provided by, I trust that it would be worth our consuming and long tedious time to learn about what we had lately relating to the Broadband Plan or maybe we don’t have any such services in […]

FCC Needs Your Input For Broadband Plan

As I know it is not easy to follow a series of broadband workshops at, I had watched several webcasts as follows: Wkshp#1,”E-Gov/Civic Engagement” Wkshp#8,”Broadband Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities” Wkshp#17,”Big Ideas with Potential to Substantially Change the Internet” Why did I say not easy to follow? It is difficult to read poor quality […]

High Hope for our Future National Broadband Plan

Lately there is a firestorm over how to draft some specifics into a national broadband policy as well as there is ongoing debate about how to advance broadband deployment, how to define broadband as “service” or “infrastructure” and other concerns like unserved and underserved rural areas. The plan will be due by February 17, 2010. […]