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Topsy-turvydom of CT State Budget Plan

After CT Governor Rell had addressed the CT Budget recommendations I was sure that some people like I became silent and perplexed about her idea of establishing the “Middle” school, reducing 93 agencies, a new concept of regionalism and creation of CT Conservation Corp. First, I would be grateful for the local Channel 3, WFSB […]

Gloomy and doom for CT state!

By the Hartford Courant of today it announced for possible steep cuts due to the biggest deficit in the state budget. If you wish to learn more about the state budget then please try visit the Hartford Courant web site or other sources if possible. It is very disappointing to know that this state of […]

Capitalism Fallible??

The DOW keeps falling for seven sessions…and same with the international stocks. Capitalism may be outdated and out of control. Should we allow the government to take over capitalism but it sounds like socialism. It looks like we need to be creative and maybe we should revolutionize an idea of new type rather than Capitalism. […]